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Hi Jessica!

I filmed a little video introduction but in case you prefer to read...

I’ve been admiring your work from afar (on Instagram) for some time. And, no pun intended, but I’ve been blown away!

Your recent Hershey's Kiss theme for Kate's Bat Mitzvah was NEXT LEVEL.

My name is Paola. I am the owner of Balloonique- a balloon styling company in the GTA. My specialty is simple: spectacular balloons.

I'm going to get straight to the point- I would absolutely LOVE to create magic with you. The events you design are the exact canvas of my dreams!

I would love to hop on a short 3-4 minute phone call to discuss my

Referral Partnership Program that I’ve created to support the relationship between myself and the event planners with whom I have the pleasure of working alongside.

I value the relationships I build with boutique event managers like yourself, who share my commitment to creating unique and memorable events. And just like you, I also know how important it is to work with trusted and reliable experts in the industry who always over-deliver. I am one of those experts.

To make it as easy as possible to find some time to connect, I’ve put together a Calendly link: 

I look forward to connecting, having fun, and sharing success together in 2024!

Paola Di Fonzo 

Owner & Balloon Stylist


Socials: @ballooniqueto


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