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How Can We Help You?

If your question is not answered below, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at

How early should I book my event with Balloonique?

Our days fill up quickly. We recommend inquiring a minimum of one month in advance.

We will, however, do our best to accommodate bookings that come in closer to your event date. So, it never hurts to ask!


What is the process for booking with Balloonique?

A great place to start is filling out our inquiry form.                                This will take 3 minutes. Within 48 hours of completion, someone from our team will reach out to discuss details further and get your event secured in our calendar!


Do you offer full set-ups, with backdrops and other props included?

Yes! We own many of our own props and backdrops. We also have the ability to create unique pieces for your special event. In the event that we do not have what you are looking for, we will take care of sourcing items from trusted businesses on your behalf.


Do you do corporate set-ups?

Absolutely! They are some of our favourite projects to work on. We know how important it is to have decor that helps promote your brand, your vision, and your mission. We offer branded balloon arrangements, complete with logo and/or custom messaging, and we have perfected the art of double-stuffing in order to accurately capture your brand’s colour scheme!


What if I don’t know exactly what I want?

No problem! We’re here to help with that. We have methods in place to help draw the vision out and create something you’ll love! If you want some inspiration,                                 .

I want something specific but I don’t see it on your website. What do I do?

We are balloon professionals who have perfected the art of creating through this medium. We are learning new techniques regularly. We are able to execute the majority of balloons arrangements, big or small. Not every set-up makes it to our website. There’s a good chance we’ve created what you are looking for at some point.


Are all arrangements available for pick-up? I want to save on the delivery fee.

Some small-scale arrangements are available for pick-up from our Vaughan and Whitby locations. Most of these arrangements require a mid-size SUV for transport. Our large-scale arrangements are not available for pick-up, regardless of the size of your vehicle, in order to ensure a successful delivery and proper set-up.


What areas do you service?

We travel to clients throughout the GTA and surrounding cities! Our current pick-up locations are in Vaughan and Whitby.


I’m nervous to transport balloons in my vehicle. Do you have tips?

  1. Turn on air conditioning to keep the temperature inside your car stable. Even on a cool day, the sun beaming through your windows is enough to cause a pop or two…or ten.

  2. Make sure the heated seats are off. If your seats tend to get hot (i.e., leather) lay a clean, soft blanket down.

  3. Make sure your seats are free from any and all sharp objects (i.e., toys, crumbs, pine needles, etc…)


Should balloons be set-up indoors or outdoors?

Balloons definitely prefer the indoors. But they can withstand the outdoors if the following instructions are carefully adhered to:


  1. Find a shady area! Keep balloons out of extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. Heat is one of the main reasons why balloons pop. When the temperature rises, the energy of the air particles inside the balloon rises too. That means the air molecules move faster, bump into each other, and put pressure on the latex, causing it to pop.

  2. Choose a lighter colour scheme because it will attract less heat from the sun. Dark colours like black, brown, or grey will likely pop within minutes of direct heat.

  3. Affix your balloons to light coloured structures so the structure itself does not absorb heat that will transfer to your balloons. Think lighter fences, lighter columns, lighter doors!



Are your balloons bio-degradable?

We only use professional-grade balloons. They are made from Natural Rubber Latex (NRL), which is an organic material—not plastic.  The raw latex is sourced from sustainably managed farms. NRL is a natural polymer and is biodegradable based on the dictionary definition of the word biodegradable: “capable of decaying through the action of living organisms: biodegradable paper; biodegradable detergent”.


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